Things To Keep In Mind With Aromatherapy Body Massage

You don’t have to take an aromatherapy massage course in order to give someone a satisfying aromatherapy massage. A lot of that course will talk about becoming a professional masseuse and may even go into how to run your own business. Although that’s important for people planning on becoming professionals, it’s not necessary for amateurs at aromatherapy body massage to learn.

Aromatherapy Body Massage Keep Your Hands Warm

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind about giving a loved one an aromatherapy body massage is the temperature of your hands. Although they will soon warm up, the sudden shock of frigid fingers will make your loved one tense up and quite possibly hit the roof. That’s not conducive with getting a relaxing massage.

Not only are your hands to be kept warm, but also the oil, lotion or alcohol rub you’re about to slather onto your loved one’s bare skin. You can keep the oil warm by placing the dish of oil over a tea light candle (much in the same way a candle food warmer is used) or you can stick the dish under the radiator for a few minutes.

Aromatherapy Body Massage: Don’t Massage Bones Or Wounds

Your loved one will probably tell you how uncomfortable it is, but some people are too polite to speak up. When you are giving an aromatherapy body massage, don’t rub the spine, ribs or other bones. You can stroke the area like you are petting a cat or dog, but don’t do any circular rubbing, kneading or other maneuvers.

Likewise, avoid touching any wounds. Half-healed scratches or really minor wounds are not to be worried about, but things like deep cuts, broken bones or some other injury can worsen if you touch them or get aromatherapy oil into them. But still, an aromatherapy body massage on all other parts of the body can help the patient relax and recuperate.

Let Your Intuition Guide You In Aromatherapy Body Massage

It often doesn’t matter just what kind of hand positions you do when giving an aromatherapy body massage for relaxation or to kindle some romance. Just having a warm touch can help soothe. Remember how you like to be rubbed and transfer that to the person. Let them know to tell you whenever something doesn’t feel right.

Many people have had a professional massage before and they can help you with some particular finger and thumb movements with their aromatherapy body massage.