What An Aromatherapy Massage Treatment Is Like

Although you can take the time to learn about how to give yourself an aromatherapy massage treatment, you probably are too busy and too stressed. You can treat yourself to a professionally done aromatherapy massage treatment to help you with your stress and with some physical problems. Please don’t use this article as a substitute for your doctor’s advice. If your doctor doesn’t think an aromatherapy massage treatment will help you, then please don’t argue.

Aromatherapy Massage Treatment Is Like A Haircut

Going to your aromatherapy massage treatment appointment is very much like going to get a haircut, only less clothes are usually involved. A real professional masseuse will ask you if you are comfortable with removing your clothing. If not – they won’t argue. It is possible to massage you through your clothes, although you won’t get any benefits from the aromatherapy lotion.

Aromatherapy massage parlors are clean, allow no smoking and tend to have a lot of soft music piped in to help you relax. You usually will get a masseuse who is of the same gender as you are. No one should ever touch your genitals. The bench is padded and should be clean. If ever you get uncomfortable before the aromatherapy massage treatment, leave.

Aromatherapy Massage Treatment Is Dealing With Emotions

Many people report being racked suddenly with various emotions when they undergo their first aromatherapy massage treatment. This is because certain odors may trigger certain memories in our subconscious. Don’t worry if you are suddenly overcome with an emotion or suddenly begin crying or laughing. The masseuse will have seen it all before. Always tell your masseuse if what they are doing is hurting you. They should stop and then try something else, or try the same movement again with a much lighter touch.

And don’t worry if you fall asleep. That happens often, too. Usually at the end of your aromatherapy massage treatment, you will be left covered with warm towels in order to let the oil really soak in. The average time it takes for an aromatherapy oil to really get working on your body is about twenty minutes.

Most health insurance companies do not cover the cost of aromatherapy massage treatments unless it is a part of your physical therapy after recovering from an injury or illness of some kind. The cost of aromatherapy massage treatments vary wildly. They are often part of a spa package or luxury hotel getaway. This could be a great mini-vacation for your body and your mind.