What The Heck Is Holistic Aromatherapy Massage?

Conventional medicine deals with the symptoms a person has. It just focuses on those symptoms and nothing else. This is great for things like setting broken bones but not always the best course of treatment for more chronic, long term problems like arthritis, chronic headaches or trying to deal with everyday stress. Aromatherapy massage treatments have been proven to help people with a variety of emotional and physical problems. This is because aromatherapy is holistic medicine.

Holistic Aromatherapy Massage: The Whole Person

Although spelled a little differently, holistic aromatherapy massage uses aromatherapy and massage to help treat the entire person, their metal and emotional as well as their physical make-up. Holistic aromatherapy massage is often used like a tonic. We don’t hear too much about tonics in the modern age, but they used to be a very important part of a person’s arsenal for staying reasonably healthy.

Tonics help prevent problems from happening or from recurring. In some ways, taking a vitamin supplement when you know you don’t eat a balanced diet is a kind of tonic. Holistic aromatherapy massage can help address stopping problems from ever happening or from medical problems coming back, but it also addresses current physical and emotional problems.

How Essential Oils Work In Holistic Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy oils are powerful medicine and should be treated with all of the respect that you would give a prescription medicine. These powerful oils work in two ways. First off, they work on the power of association. If you always received a rose whenever your favorite relative visited, then soon the smell of a rose will always start to make you happy. Holistic aromatherapy massage takes your personal preferences for smells into account because of the past associations we make with smells.

But aromatherapy oils work in a less subtle way. When absorbed by the skin, they work like any other medicine. Some aromatherapy oils like frankincense will always make people breathe deeper and hence, make them relax. That’s why frankincense is used in churches a lot. But some oils can make you feel warmer, some can make you sweat and some can help your muscles relax.

When choosing oils for you in holistic aromatherapy massage, the oils medicinal nature will be taken into account, but also what emotions it may trigger in you. Some people suddenly cry or giggle when getting their first holistic aromatherapy massage because their emotions have been pent up for so long. When the emotions feel well, the body usually does, too.