Dissecting Some Of The Aromatherapy Essential Oil Labels

Aromatherapy essential oil can be a relief to have when one is suffering from maladies that are caused by stress, tiredness and other forms of mental and physical afflictions. So, how exactly does an aromatherapy essential oil work for the benefit of people? These aromatherapy essential oil mixes are primarily used to affect the current mood or state of mind of an individual. This is the most popular use for these kinds of oils although there are also some other uses which can be derived from them which are just as amazing.

Lavender Aromatherapy Essential Oil

Lavender is probably one of the most effective and commonly known oils in the industry and in alternative medicine. It is often used in diffusers like in incense and candle burners as well as in aromatherapy massage oil therapies. Diffusers are forms of dispensing the aroma of the herb in a way that is both attractive and efficient for homes, offices and other establishments. Lavender oil is said to be very effective in promoting relaxation and calm in people. It can also encourage drowsiness in younger children and older adults which is why it is often used during the night time to promote better sleep.

Cinnamon Aromatherapy Essential Oil

Cinnamon is popularly used in food but is also well known in alternative medicine circles as a great promoter of stomach ailments and arthritis. Stomach ailments are effectively halted and eased by ingesting cinnamon itself not the essential oil. The aromatherapy essential oil made from cinnamon is effective for arthritis and rheumatism as well as alleviating symptoms of the common cold and coughs. Cinnamon has a warming effect that can effectively offer relief for those going through a particularly hard bout of arthritis or rheumatism. Colds will also be relieved with the use of cinnamon oil, derived from the flowers and the plant itself, on the chest.

Peppermint And Citrus Based Essential Oils

Both peppermint and lemon aromatherapy essential oils are said to promote alertness and reenergize individuals who feel lethargic. Many citrus based aromatherapy essential oils are great for promoting feelings of joy and optimism, such as tangerine and grapefruit. Grapefruit is also capable of encouraging wakefulness in people who feel drowsy. Other aromatherapy essential oils based on citrus fruits are also good for crisp thinking and clarity of mind.

Aromatherapy essential oils are great natural treatments and relief for many mild to moderate cases, of stress and other maladies that may affect individuals.