A Few Tips To Help You Learn How To Make Essential Oil Blends

The good news is that when it concerns learning how to make essential oil blends you will find the whole task to be easy and it is also possible to create the right blend that in turn can help you in a variety of ways. If you like you can learn how to make essential oil blends that can be used in skin care treatments while you can also learn to create aromatherapy blends to help you get relief from stress as well as from congestion. In addition, it is also possible to learn how to make essential oil blends that will aid in giving yourself a good massage and also to make your home smell that much better.

Know How To Make Essential Oil Blends

Buying essential oil blends means having to pay quite a big price which is why a person with some creativity and ability to use their hands must learn how to make essential oil blends which will mean money savings as well as being able to make more customized fragrances. Of course, you will need to be prepared to spend quite a bit of time in creating your essential oil blends; so, patience is not only a virtue; it is also an essential requisite. Most beginners tend to give up as soon as they realize that learning how to make essential oil blends is a time consuming process.

The actual instructions in regard to learning how to make essential oil blends go like this: first identify the purpose for which you are going to use the essential oil blend. This means distinguishing between using the blend for skin care and for fragrance. Next, you have to research and find out more about the different properties of each essential oil.

It also pays to experiment with different essential oil blends and this you can do by putting a drop of the essential oil into a bowl and then check its smell to see which ones give off an immediate smell and which ones will smell after say an hour. In addition, you need to also learn about the weight of different essential oils and pay attention to the different categorizations of each blend that can be determined by looking at each essential oil’s tone. Top notes evaporate quicker; middle notes will evaporate after between two and four hours while base notes last for a longer time period.

After you have identified the right blend you can then begin blending the essential oils in a container that must be spotlessly clean. It is normal to add three drops of a top note followed by two drops of a middle note and a single drop of the base note is all it takes.

For pure essential oil blends you can look for them at the website purepotentwow.com where you will find something or the other to suit your needs. These blends can be used to cure headaches and muscle aches as well as insomnia as too sinus aches.