A Guide to Geranium Rose Essential Oil

Geranium rose essential oil is usually confused with rose oil, but, it has its own uses and properties in aromatherapy. This oil has been used for centuries to treat cancerous tumors. Originally, the native of South Africa, it now is widely cultivated in Central America, Russia, Egypt, Congo and Japan. Russia and Egypt are the main producers of geranium and pure rose essential oil. Geranium has small pink flowers and its leaves are pointy. There are over 700 varieties of cultivated Geranium plant, and many are grown in the garden for ornamental purposes.

Uses of Geranium Rose Essential Oil

The oil is made from the yellow leaves as these have stronger aroma as compared to greener and younger leaves. Cheaper versions of this oil are made from P. odorantissimum oil, distilling it over rose. The stalk and leaves are used for the extraction. The geranium rose essential oil is composed of various chemical constituents such as myrcene, a-pinene, linalool, menthone, geraniol, citronelloe, geranyl acetate and geranyl butyrate.

Geranium rose essential oil does not cause any side-effects as it is non-irritant, non-toxic and non-sensitizing. However, it can cause sensitivity is some people. As it balances the hormonal system, its usage must be avoided during pregnancy and lactation.

Geranium rose essential oil is known to have antiseptic, antidepressant, diuretic, cytophylactic, tonic, styptic, deodorant and vermifuge properties. Geranium rose essential oil has a soothing effect on nervous system, and is known to relieve anxiety and depression. It lifts the spirits and has the mood boosting effect.

The haemostatic nature of this oil helps system of the body to balance, and when adrenal cortex is balanced and stimulated, the hormonal system is aligned and corrected. It has a great stimulating effect on the lymphatic system, and helps detoxify the body. It helps females by treating the PMS and balance the heavy periods and vaginal secretion.

The geranium rose essential oil helps balance the sebum secretion, and clear oily and sluggish skin. The oil has diuretic effect on the body, and corrects the poor elimination of waste material and water from the body, creating a good balance. It is also useful in treating gall stones, jaundice, nose bleeds and other hemorrhaging.

The oil has a great all-over balancing effect, and creates a good balance between dry and oily skin, making it supple and clearing the congestion. It can be diluted in the shampoo to get rid of head lice. Geranium rose essential oil can be used in the massage oils to assist with various disorders.

Geranium rose essential oil blends well with basil, angelica, carrot seed, bergamot, citronella, cedarwood, jasmine, grapefruit, neroli, rosemary, orange, lavender and lime.