A Guide to Lavender Essential Oil

Oil extracted from lavender has been used to treat various skin disorders for centuries. Of all the available lavender species, English lavender is considered the finest one. Originally known as Lavandula Officinalis, it grows at the altitude of 3000ft. Lavender essential oil is useful in getting rid of rashes and acne.

Different Uses Of Lavender Essential Oil

To treat the skin disorders, you need to mix few drops of lavender oil in some water and pat gently on the affected area with cotton ball. Lavender oil is very good for skin and also ensures sound sleep during night. Aromatherapy makes extensive use of lavender essential oil for soothing massage to relieve tiredness. Few drops of lavender oil are applied on the pressure points of neck area to give the relaxing experience.

Lavender is one of the finest and purest essential oils, and offer plentiful of benefits to skin. Lavender essential oil offers plentiful benefits to the skin. The oil is extracted using distillation process, and is highly concentrated. Just few drops are sufficient to obtain its benefits. The oil is clear in color, but at times, a yellow tint is added to it. Lavender essential oil is thin in consistency, and the fragrance is not strong. It is very commonly used for massaging the body, and the relaxing scent is very soothing. The oil is effective in curing flatulence, asthma, allergies, anxiety and itching.

Many people find lavender essential oil bath very soothing. You just need to add 20-30 drops of oil in the bath water for soak. Due to its calming effect, the oil helps improve sleep. Just sprinkle few drops on bed sheets or under the pillow before going to bed.

Lavender essential oil is a wonderful wound healer, especially for burns. It can be used undiluted, neat on any burn where skin is unbroken. It provides quick relief from pain and speedy healing. Lavender is considered anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and regenerative, so virtually all bruises, cuts and scrapes respond well.

Antiseptic properties of lavender oil make it good natural household disinfectant. Essential lavender oil uses are countless, and benefits are unlimited. Apply lavender oil on the back of your neck to ease headache. Lavender oil offers wonderful results if you want a unique facial. However, it is important to buy the oil from a reliable source. Never take any strong essential oil internally.

It is also important to note that using lavender essential oils has scientific backing for inducing allergic reactions and skin irritation. Most people believe that organic and all-natural ingredients are always good for your skin, which might not be always the case. Using lavender and tea-tree oil on pre-pubertal boy could potentially trigger his breast development. Hence, it is essential to not get caught up in the hype, and make the informed decision.