A Guide to Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil is known to have innumerable properties like anti phlogistic, anti depressant, anti spasmodic, anti septic, aphrodisiac, anti viral, bacterial, astringent, cicatrisant, cholagogue, emenagogue, depurative, hepatic, haemostatic, nervine, laxative, uterine and stomachic. Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers, with many legends, stories, legacies and myths associated with it. Available in varied colors, sizes, shapes and incomparable fragrances, there is something for every occasion and mood.

Uses of Rose Essential Oil

The rose essential oil is extracted by using the steam distillation of fresh Damascus Rose, and contains many components. Some of the main contributors are Citral, Citronellol, Eugenol, Acetate, Farnesol, Ethanol, Nerol, Methyl Eugenol, Phenyl Acetaldehyde, Nonanal, Phenyl Geraniol and Phenylmenthyl Acetate. Damascus roses are the most fragrant with highest oil content and strongest aroma.

Rose essential oil has several psychological, medicinal and emotional effects. It helps boost confidence, self-esteem, hope, and mental strength, and effectively fights depression. It is very useful for people suffering from depression and anxiety. As this oil is anti-depressant, patients undergoing rehabilitation or acute depression can be given the regular and routine doses. This oil is widely used in aromatherapy, and invokes feelings of joy, hope and happiness.

Rose essential oil can calm down the person with high fever by sedating the inflammation. It is also useful in curing inflammation caused by ingestion of poisonous stuff, microbial infection, dehydration and indigestion. As rose essential oil is most fragrant, it is a great way to treat the wounds and protect them from getting infected or becoming septic. The oil also relieves spasm in the intestines and respiratory system, and muscular spasms in limbs. It helps cure muscle pulls, convulsion, spasmodic cholera and cramps.

The scent of rose essential oil has arousal effect, and it boost up the libido. It invokes romantic feelings required for a great sex life. Getting virus protection can be very difficult, as these viruses change their form and type frequently. The anti viral properties of rose essential oil are valuable in protecting our bodies against the viral infections. The oil has great astringent properties, and helps strengthen hair roots and gums, lifts and tones skin, contracts intestine, muscles and blood vessels and gives protection from untimely fall of hair and tooth, loss of firmness of muscles of abdominal area and intestines, and helps stop the blood flow from cuts and wounds by contracting the blood vessels.

Rosemary essential oil is a good bactericide and can be used to treat cholera, typhoid, food poisoning and diarrhea. It can also cure the internal bacterial infections like in stomach, colon, urinary tract and intestines. Rose essential oil promotes flow of bile from gall bladder, and also regulates the level of acid in the stomach. The oil regulates hormone production and gives fresh, shining and youthful skin.