An Introduction To The White Rose Essential Oil

Most of us equate rose essential oils with red colored roses though if one looks a little bit further one will come across the rare white rose essential oil that is also more expensive though certainly worth every extra penny that you have to pay. The higher cost is obviously attributable to the fact that it is much harder to find the white rose and in addition the white rose essential oil provides a number of benefits for which you should not mind paying a little bit extra.

Intensity Of White Rose Essential Oil

Pure white rose essential oil blends are very intense and so when using it be sure to use a pinch of it and not too much which could only end up causing a burn or something equally nasty. Of course, any essential oil that is used in too much quantity will end up doing more harm than good. So, when using white rose essential oil be sure to be very sparing in how much of it you apply because too much of it will also end up giving off a very pungent odor; instead of being mild and pleasant.

Even when blending white rose essential oil be sure to use white rose essential oil conservatively because by using too much of it you risk upsetting the delicate balance of the blend which make the end product smell too much of white roses which is not at all desirable. Among the oils that you can blend white rose essential oil with you have lemongrass and mandarin and also sandalwood as too frankincense to choose from.

Provided you use white rose essential oil in the right amounts you can then expect it to do wonders for you, especially when it concerns treating your problematic skin. Still, never make the mistake of applying white rose essential oil directly to your skin because it is in fact recommended using a cream or even a lotion first after which you can safely use white rose essential oil that must be of just one percent concentration.

The right quantity of white rose essential oil when mixed in your bath can certainly help elevate your mood and uplift your spirits sufficiently and you will soon start feeling like royalty.

Peppermint essential oil on the other hand is really a very ancient essential oil and it was used as far back as in the year 1000 B.C. and by the Egyptians at that. Other ancient civilizations that have used this essential oil include the Japanese as too the Chinese and the Romans too used it extensively.