Beauty and Health Peppermint Essential Oil Benefits

Peppermint is actually a hybrid plant that is derived from the crossing of water mint and spear mint. Peppermint grows widely in many places in Europe and in North America – they usually grow up to 40 inches tall and gives of beautiful and fuzzy-looking flowers. They are usually taken as tea and are claimed to have many health benefits.

Peppermint essential oil is widely used as a natural treatment for irregular bowels, as a pain reliever or as treatment for may respiratory conditions; but peppermint essential oil benefits is not only limited to these things, today peppermint essential oil have a wide variety of uses for beauty applications as well. The following are some of the beauty and health benefits of peppermint essential oil; you might as well try to read some articles on how to make peppermint essential oils manual in order to learn more about it.

Peppermint Essential Oil Benefits For Health

Reducing the pain of menstrual cramps is one of the many peppermint essential oil benefits; they are best in treating bad effects of muscle spasms. Moreover, peppermint essential oil is also advisable for those with minor pains such as an headaches or anywhere else in the body; a peppermint essential oil benefits is its pain relieving qualities against these pains, yet one must still avoid self medication and always see a doctor (peppermint essential oil could only act to ease the pain but will not cure it).

Finally, peppermint essential oil benefits also include its ability to stop the growth of gallstone and at the same time, it also prevents its further growth – many researchers considered as the best health benefit peppermint essential oil gives.

Famous Peppermint Essential Oil Benefits For Beauty

One of the most well-known peppermint essential oil benefits is soothing tired skin because it is actively involved in the skin’s oil production – aside from this if peppermint essential oil is used together with other essential oils, then it is effective in removing excess oil in the skin, unclogging the pores and making it look younger and more natural.

Another peppermint essential oil benefits is its refreshing and cooling effects to the lips, hence it is no wonder that this is usually added by many dermatologists to products such as lipstick and lip balms. Its menthol effects soothe dry lip cells and at the same time, it nourishes it back to its normal smoothness and glow.

Lastly, one of the most helpful peppermint essential oil benefits is promoting healthy scalp and hair as well. Using peppermint essential oil can decrease dandruff in and at the same time helps faster hair growth. Nowadays many shampoos and other hair products have peppermint essential oils to make us of this peppermint essential oil benefits.