Finding Certified Organic Essential Oil

When buying essential oils, it is important to find pure organic essential oils and not those varieties that have some organic ingredients which are mixed with those that are not. One way to tell if this is the case is to look for a certified organic essential oil label on the product. The USDA has certain standards established that companies must meet in order to get the certification of organic from that administration. If the company does not meet these minimum standards, they will no be able to use the USDA certification label of a certified organic essential oil. There are also other organizations that have even stricter standards than the USDA, such as the Organic Trade Association. There are also some states that have associations of organic farmers that have their own sets of standards to claim the organic certification through that particular organization.

Use Certified Organic Essential Oils

There are many different essential oils that are made from fruits and vegetables, as well as certain flowers on the market today. These plants are very susceptible to chemical pesticides and fertilizers that are used in traditional methods of farming. Products that use a mix of organic materials with traditionally farmed materials are negating the organic benefit since there are still chemicals being introduced to the individual through the plants farmed by traditional methods.

When an essential oil is certified organic it means that the plants have been farmed in a way that chemicals have not been used on the plant itself or on the soil in which the plant is grown. Certified organic essential oils are made from plants that are kept healthy through natural means, such as using insects or other plants to reduce the effects of harmful insects on the plants. They are also planted in soil that is fertilized using compost and other natural materials to add nutrients to the soil rather than chemical fertilizers. The certified organic essential oils ensure that the pesticides are not readily absorbed through the rinds of the fruits or directly into the vegetables on which they are used and thus passed on to the consumer. There are also restrictions on planting the crops in soil that has been contaminated by traditional farming methods in too recent a period of time. The land has to sit without chemicals for a certain period of time to clear out the chemicals naturally so that the certified organic essential oils can be produced from the plants grown in it.