Help Making Lavender Essential Oils

There is always the option of one who is able to go out and just buy essential oils along with a complete book of essential oils and aromatherapy, which is usually the best choice because this saves a lot of time and hassle. However there are people who are interested in going ahead with making lavender essential oils, and there are a few tips that are going to be helpful to anyone looking to get into making lavender essential oils.

How To Get Started Making Lavender Essential Oils

To get started making lavender essential oils, there are a few steps that are going to be involved, but first and foremost you will need to go about getting all the different supplies and ingredients that you will need to make the oils.

This means deciding on what types of essential oils you are interested in making. Each different essential oil has a different scent and a different purpose, and so it all depends on the purpose that you have planned for it as to which essential oil is going to be right for you to prepare.

Lavender is used to promote health and relaxation for instance, while lemon is uplifting and used to make a person more energetic and enthusiastic. There are hundreds of different essential oils out there and which are commonly used in aromatherapy and in particular aromatherapy massage.

Now to get started with making lavender essential oils, for the basic essential oils you are going to need half a cup of oil, four cups of tightly packed flours, a wooden mallet or other tool that is going to be able to do the same job, a widemouth jar, zipping plastic jar, and some cheesecloth for filtering.

It is important to begin by putting one cup of the flowers into a plastic bag and then expelling as much of the air out of this bag as possible. This is urgent because otherwise the fragrance of the essential oil is not going to be as potent as you would like. Following this, you bang up the flowers, and mix this substance that you are left with into a jar. This should be left in a warm place for at least two days, as this is going to bring out the fragrance of the what will soon be essential oils.

Once the substance is finished it should be filtered through cheesecloth and then you discard the flower material that is left over.