Importance Of Purity In Aromatherapy Essential Oil Product

Aromatherapy has great benefits for the body and mind, but it is strongly advised to make sure that every aromatherapy essential oil product you buy adheres to quality standards. The best aromatherapy essential oil products come from organic sources. This ensures that the plants used have been raised under very stringent conditions and are thus free of all chemical pesticides.

The plants are also free of any fertilizers that are petroleum based. It is very important that aromatherapy essential oil products are free of these as the chemicals will penetrate to virtually every part of the plants. If plants that are non-organically grown are used in an aromatherapy essential oil product, the product will be contaminated with the pesticides and chemicals.

Thus, it is understandable that only pure aromatherapy essential oil can be used for aromatherapy. To ensure the purity of their aromatherapy essential oil products farmers usually keep strict documentation of all aspects. They document all their procedures and submit the documentation for inspections and auditing on a yearly basis. This is how farmers guarantee the purity so that clients can use each aromatherapy essential oil product purchased with peace of mind.

Most Popular Aromatherapy Essential Oil Products

Aromatherapy essential oil products have been used for many years to enhance well-being and health and depending on which oils are chosen, for their medicinal value. Chamomile and lavender are the two most well-known and popular aromatherapy essential oil products used across the world. Both these essential oils have far greater benefits than only soothing the senses.

Lavender contains a strong antibiotic and antiseptic called phenol so it is widely used for aromatherapy and massage. Lavender has a myriad uses from helping people to sleep, skin lotions and salves. It relaxes muscle spasms and relieves pain and is excellent for burn wounds and healing.

It is thus understandable that lavender is a greatly sought after aromatherapy essential oil product. Chamomile has been used for healing since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Chamomile is the aromatherapy essential oil product most often used for the relief of stress related disorders and headaches. It also has a calming effect that is a great aid for restful sleep.

Chamomile has proven to be safe over many centuries, although anyone allergic to ragweed should not use chamomile as it is related to ragweed. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties as well. This wonderful herb works wonderfully for aromatherapy, as a massage oil and is one of the top tea sellers in the world.