Inhale The Wonders Of Essential Oil Aromatherapy Scents

Of the five human senses, touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell, perhaps smell is one of the most sensitive, and can be manipulated to make us feel a whole range of emotions. Essential oil aromatherapy scents are an increasingly popular must have to treats many conditions of the mind, and generally keep the home smelling fresh.

Essential oil aromatherapy scents have literally hundreds of uses, from medical to domestic, the main thing to do is to remember to choose the scent that best fits your need. Your first impression of essential oil aromatherapy scents may be little more than, yes its smells ok – but so what?

The smell released by the essential oil aromatherapy scent, as with all smells, are taken in by the nose, and information is fed up to the brain. Using a specific essential oil aromatherapy scent can trigger a specific message to be sent to the brain, and will therefore cause the brain to order the body to behave in a certain way, it all comes down to how to use essential oils for aromatherapy treatments.

Health Benefits From Essential Oil Aromatherapy Scents

Ok, so that is a pretty simplistic view of human anatomy, but it’s a pretty good basis for understanding how essential oil aromatherapy scents work. Let us look at lavender as a starting point, the essential oil aromatherapy scent of lavender is known for the soothing properties it possesses, and the calming effect is has been shown to have on the physiology of the body.

Before you try and sleep at night, drop three of four drops of the essential oil aromatherapy scent of lavender onto your pillow case, or have a cotton handkerchief with three or four drops on it, and take this to bed with you. Lie calmly in bed and take slow deep breaths to allow the nose to register the new scent, and send the messages to the brain. You should find you whole body relaxing well and drifting off to sleep should be easier.

Essential Oil Aromatherapy Scents For The Whole Family.

The essential oil aromatherapy scent of tea-tree is a fantastic antibacterial agent, kills germs and bacteria and has a pleasant scent and this can benefit the whole family throughout the whole house in many ways. By placing a few drops on a small piece of sponge, and dropping the sponge into your vacuum cleaner, not only will any bacteria be controlled, but also as you clean, the aroma will be released into the atmosphere and the house smells fresher.