Organic Lavender Essential Oil: Relieving Stress After A Long Day

Stress is one of the leading causes of ailments in our society today. The more we are exposed to stress, the more we are prone to diseases like hypertension, heart ailments and the like. Fortunately, there are ways to handle stress without popping pills or seeing a therapist. For many years, people who are into alternative medicine have been using aromatherapy and massage to cure certain types of ailments and promote overall well-being. Of course aromatherapy and massage are not a substitute for hospital treatment but it can help manage the signs and symptoms of certain types of diseases.

According to experts, aromatherapy and massage using certified organic lavender essential oils can have a lot of health benefits. For many years, organic lavender essential oil has been used by people who are practicing aromatherapy because of its natural sedative effects on the mind and body. You see, the smell of organic lavender essential oil is soothing to the mind and it helps relieve stress. People who are into high pressure careers can benefit much from the use of organic lavender essential oils. Because of its relaxing effect on the mind and body, organic lavender essential oil may also help relieve chronic aches and pains in some people.

Using Organic Lavender Essential Oil For Massage

Studies show that people who get 20 minutes of massage at least three times a week have higher stress tolerance level than those people who do not get a massage. Moreover, people who get regular massage are more likely to sleep soundly at night. To sooth away the tensions from your muscles, get regular massage from a professional. When getting a massage, ask your masseur to add organic lavender essential oil into your massage oil. The smell of lavender and the soothing touch of your masseur will help release the tensions from your muscles and make you feel better after a long day.

Using Organic Lavender Essential Oil In Your Bath

One of the best ways to enjoy organic lavender essential oil is to use it as bathing oil. Add some organic lavender essential oil into your bath together with other essential oils to produce that soothing smell. Relax and enjoy your bath for several minutes and let the lavender scent sooth your tired spirit. Aside from adding organic lavender essential oil in your bath, you may also put some of the essential oil into your scented candle. Light the scented candle before you get into your bath and let the scent fill the room. The scent from your candle and your bath will help you unwind and relax.