Pure Rose Essential Oil: The Rosa Damascena

Rosa Damascena is by far the best example of pure rose essential oil and this essential oil is in fact extra special because it is grown in Bulgaria which is also one of the most famous essential oil producing countries. Rosa Damascena is perhaps the loveliest and richest pure rose essential oils and it is in fact derived with the help of a cold process that helps to give Rosa Damascena an outstandingly fresh aroma that is hard to find in other essential oils.

Characteristics Of Pure Rose Essential Oil

If you happen to be looking for the right pure rose essential oil for your perfumery then Rosa Damascena is a great choice and in addition this pure rose essential oil is also great for those people that want a natural and also fine Rose aromatic fragrance. In fact, one whiff of the aroma given off by a pure rose essential oil such as Rosa Damascena is enough to bowl you over completely and you will soon realize that there is no other scent that is as divine as what you get from the Rosa Damascena.

Rosa Damascena is a Bulgarian pure rose essential oil that has been cultivated in that country since the sixteenth century and it is truly and by far the finest pure rose essential oil. Rosa Damascena in fact gives off an aroma that is rich, full and intoxicating as well as highly aphrodisiac as well.

Rose is known to bring greater harmony and balance into a person’s life and this is why this particular pure rose essential oil is used when people are having difficulties in overcoming whatever insecurities they happen to be feeling. Rose can elevate the spirit and it can also uplift the mind and that is why you will notice that the pure rose essential oil will give you a very special vibration that will certainly make you feel great.

The scent that you get from Rosa Damascena is divine and very sweet and very floral which is why the Rose is so revered – despite the fact that a rose does not contain too much aromatic oils. In fact, in order to distill a single ounce of pure rose essential oil it is necessary to use as many as sixty thousand roses which translate to roughly sixty roses to extract a single drop of pure rose essential oil. This is why you also have to pay more to buy your Rosa Damascena.

Rose essential oil uses are many though one use that is worth knowing more about is that such essential oils can prove to be the best skin oil that is able to handle skins of all types. However, if you have dry and sensitive or even aging skin then rose essential oil is certainly the only option for you.