The Benefits of Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

There are many different companies that will sell organic peppermint essential oil, but not all of it will be certified organic. In order to be certified organic, the company must meet certain requirements set by the USDA for organic farming practices. These requirements are usually minimal compared to the requirements of other organizations such as the Organic Trade Association. Some companies are certified organic by more than one organization, thus proving their commitment to organic products. These requirements usually entail the farmers growing the plants in a way that does not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers which can be passed on through the fruits or vegetables into the products that the consumers buy, which can cause health problems.

Uses Of Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

Two of the more common essential oils are organic rose essential oils and organic peppermint essential oils. Organic peppermint essential oils are produced in many different parts of the world. One use for this type of oil is to help with head aches or stomach problems. It can also be used for those who have a hard time with low energy levels to increase their alertness and reduce mental fatigue. The organic peppermint essential oils can be used also to relieve itching on the skin and in some cases is also used to repel insects. The organic peppermint essential oils that are produced in India can be very expensive, with one fluid ounce often costing twelve dollars.

There is also an organic peppermint essential oil that is produced in Italy which is even more expensive where it can be found. In that country, a one fluid ounce bottle can cost about thirty dollars. Another benefit of using peppermint oil is that it can be mixed with other types of essential oils to create that invigorating effect with the other oils. Common essential oils that organic peppermint essential oils are mixed with are lavender, which is also soothing, orange oil, geranium, and juniper. There are some cases that the peppermint oil is mixed with juniper oil as well which can help to repel insects.

One other type of organic peppermint essential oil is the chocolate peppermint essential oil that is produced in Canada. This type of essential oil helps to tone down the harshness of straight peppermint oil and adds the essence of chocolate to it. The benefits are much the same as the pure peppermint oil, but are less harsh overall. The pricing of this oil is even more expensive than the Italian brand, often costing close to fifty dollars for a one ounce bottle.