Things To Be On The Look Out For When Buying Pure Organic Essential Oil

There are so many brands of essential oils sold in the market today that it has become quite a challenge to find pure organic essential oils. Yes, there are hundreds of manufacturers and merchants out there who claim that their essential oils are pure organic but one cannot really be so sure if these people are telling the truth about their products. As it is, you as buyer should be extra careful when buying essential oils off the shelves. To help you distinguish pure organic essential oil from the fake ones, here are some tips for you.

Testing Pure Organic Essential Oil

You need to know how to differentiate the smell of pure organic essential oils from the diluted or adulterated ones. Undiluted or pure organic essential oils usually have strong smell and if you sniff it too closely, you could end up with a headache. When sniffing essential oils, make sure that you put the bottle of oil about 5 inches away from your nose. If the smell of the oil is still quite strong at this distance, this is a good sign. On the other hand, if you can hardly smell the scent of the oil when you put the bottle 5 inches away from your nose, the essential oil may not be pure.

Different types of pure organic essential oils emit different smells so if you are planning to sniff test more than one type of essential oil, you should take a few minutes break between sniffs. Remember that the strong scent from pure organic essential oils can be quite overwhelming and if you sniff different types of essentials one after another, you may experience temporary loss of the ability to differentiate smells.

Price Evaluation Of Pure Organic Essential Oil

Most types of pure organic essential oils are sold at premium prices. Even if you are buying wholesale organic essential oil, you cannot expect the prices to hit rock bottom. If you come across some essential oils that are sold at very cheap prices, you should think twice about buying any of these products. Before you buy any of these products, scrutinize the company that is selling these products well and make sure that the company has a good reputation.

Check The Label Of Pure Organic Essential Oil

Before you buy any pure organic essential oil on display in your favorite store, you should check their labels carefully. Labels that state the Latin name of the essential oil usually come from good sources.