Understand The Many Benefits Of Rosemary Essential Oil

There are quite a few benefits – both mental and physical that a woman gets by using rosemary essential oil. It is therefore a good idea to understand just what these benefits are and how anyone can derive them which of course will mean that you need to first learn how to use this essential oil safely and properly. First of all it pays to understand that rosemary essential oil is obtained through the process of steam distillation which requires using leaves of the Rosmarinus officinalis. In fact, it is necessary to use as many as sixty-eight plus pounds of this leaf material to extract a single pound of uncontaminated rosemary essential oil.

Rosemary Essential Oil: Excellent Scent

A notable benefit that you get from applying rosemary essential oil is its excellent scent that is fresh and piercing and which will remind you of pines though it is a bit sweeter than the smell of pines. In so far as the body grade and color of the rosemary essential oil goes because rosemary essential oil is essentially a middle note essential oil it lends it well to blending with other kinds of essential oils.

The major ingredients of the rosemary essential oil include pinene and cineol as too camphor and camphene and there is also certain amount of borneol and bornyl acetate as too verbenon. The properties of the rosemary essential oil are basically very stimulating and it is in fact an essential oil that will invigorate you and so keeps both your mental as well as physical being at optimum levels.

Use of rosemary essential oil helps you in a number of ways including providing relief from muscle aches and pains and it does this by improving blood circulation. In addition, rosemary essential oil can be used for hair care as well as to control dandruff and as a matter of fact, it has also been used with good effect in controlling symptoms of colds as too coughs and it can strongly affect your adrenal and other types of glands as well.

On the mental level, use of rosemary essential oil helps ensure better ability to memorize and it also aids in improving the concentration levels and provides a stimulation that ensures better recall and clarity of mind.

Bulgarian rose essential oil is well known for producing exceedingly sublime therapeutic effects and in addition it is an essential oil that is sensuous and well loved by most women. If you need to uplift your spirits then this is the essential oil worth using.