Understanding A Bit More About The Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil

Bulgarian rose essential oil is typically an essential oil that gives off an attractive fragrance which you will of course expect from any essential oil that has been extracted from the Rosa damascene species. Such fragrances help make the Bulgarian rose essential oil very special to most women and also to others that have a love for natural perfumes and for aromatherapy in general. In fact, many would even opine that there is no other essential oil that can quite match the Bulgarian rose essential oil in terms of fragrance as too therapeutic benefits.

Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil is Found Only In Few Regions

Surprisingly, only very few regions in the world can cultivate roses and there are just two countries that have the conditions that are ideally suited for growing the rose that will give you the excellent Bulgarian rose essential oil. Obviously, Bulgaria is one of these countries while the other one is Turkey and both these countries share a common history.

Bulgarian rose essential oil is as mentioned derived from the Rosa damascene forma trigintipetala and though this rose is well known its parentage has always been the subject of much debate that has not been resolved even after many years of debating. To some the Rosa damascene is believe to be a mix of the Rosa gallica as too the Rosa canina though modern research suggests that the true parentage of the Rosa damascene is a mix of Rosa gallica and Rosa Phoenicia.

Bulgarian rose essential oil is always extracted through distillation that is done on site and with the help of direct-fire stills that farmers of the region know how to operate. Any suitable place in the vicinity of the rose fields can be chosen for the distillation and use of appropriate apparatus is required to perform the distillation process. However, between two thousand five hundred and three thousand kilograms of roses are required in order to provide just a kilogram of Bulgarian rose essential oil.

Even modern distillation technology has not been able to improve the yield and in fact it might even require using four thousand kilos of rose flowers to obtain a single kilo of Bulgarian rose essential oil! It is therefore not surprising that many people tend to prefer using geranium rose essential oil that is commonly referred to as the poor man’s essential oil. This particular essential oil comes from South Africa though it has since been hybridized and even exported to several British as well as French colonies throughout the world.