Understanding The Many Rose Essential Oil Uses Shows It To Be An All Round Essential Oil

When it concerns understanding the different rose essential oil uses one thing that can be said with a certain degree of certainty is that this is an all purpose essential oil. Rose is a Greek term that means roden that in turn means red. Roses as we all know are mostly of deep red color though there are also yellow as well as green and white colored roses. Regardless of the color of the rose you can still find many rose essential oil uses including being wonderful in the fight to overcome depression and anger as well as fear.

Benefits Of Rose Essential Oil Uses

In addition rose essential oil uses include its ability to soften a person’s skin and to also make the skin glow and look its best. Another good rose essential oil use is that rose essential oil can improve the working of your heart and also the working of the digestive system. Rose essential oil is characteristically fresh and sweet and its aroma is also very floral – all of which makes this essential oil very special indeed.

Roses are, in some countries, also used for decorating the marriage stage and also for decorating the marriage bed and this is of course one more rose essential oil use. The simple fact is that in some countries roses are equated with purity as well as with love and another rose essential oil use is that it is used in prayer halls to purify the atmosphere.

To make rose essential oil requires using steam distillation methods which in turn involve plucking the roses in the very early hours of the morning after which the roses need to be steam distilled. Of course, the yield obtained will be very low and is not more than between 0.02 and 0.05 percent. Furthermore, when using heat for the distillation process and which helps in the extraction of the rose essential oil it is necessary to control the heat because too much of it will end up destroying the special fragrance of the roses. So, be careful about amount of heat being used to distill the roses!

The bottom line in so far as rose essential oil uses are concerned is that rose essential oil is really an all rounder essential oil that will provide the user with a number of benefits. One rose essential oil use is that it makes an excellent aphrodisiac and in addition it is also antiviral and antiseptic as well; and, it can also help cure eczema too.

White rose essential oil is quite a rarity which is why people that wish to purchase it have to pay more than is the case with red rose essential oil. In addition, the white colored rose essential oil has numerous health benefits and it makes for a wonderful perfume as well.