Using Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oil

Essential oils are still seen as a new age treatment when it comes to different kinds of ailments. However essential oils have been used for centuries to cure different kinds of diseases and everyday complaints. It is important to use aromatherapy pure essential oil whenever you want to treat anything.

This will yield the best results and help you to have a better understanding of the potential of essential oils. Using synthetic or watered down oils will not give you the full benefits. There are many things that aromatherapy pure essential oils can be used for.

Starting Out With Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oil

When you first buy aromatherapy essential oil it can be difficult to make a choice. There are so many types of oils and you may not know what will come in handy. For the everyday tasks of relieving headaches, minor burns, and simply relaxing there is no going wrong with pure lavender aromatherapy essential oil.

Lavender essential oil can help you to heal a headache when applied to the back of the neck and the temples. When added to a carrier oil it can also soother a minor burn. If you would like a luxury spa treatment at home then add about 6 to 10 drops of pure lavender aromatherapy essential oil to some cream and then add this to your bath.

Lavender is also a great oil when used as a massage oil. A few drops of pure lavender aromatherapy essential oil in a carrier oil can be very relaxing when used as a massage oil. So use lavender as your starter essential oil before trying out other oils that are available.

You will find many ‘recipes’ that use a combination of different oils for different ailments. While there are standard concoctions of pure aromatherapy essential oils that you can turn to there is no harm in experimenting with your own blends.

Use your nose as an indicator of what works for you. If you feel relaxed when using a certain oil then stick to using this essential oil. Through experimentation you will find what essential oils will work best for you. However a basic guide to essential oils will help you find what oils work best together.

There are also certain oils that are said to work better for different conditions such as stomach cramps, depression, or colds. Learn about the different oils before making a purchase. This will help you to buy only what you need and what is really useful to you.