Using Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oils At Home

Aromatherapy has been around for a very long time, people have been using the healing power of smells and oils for ages. Oils that are scented like herbs, flowers and plants are very useful in healing a good many ailments and ills. Now, many people think that aromatherapy is something that they can only experience if they pay an exorbitant amount of money to a salon or spa.

While it is true that many spas and salons offer you the option of an aromatherapy treatment, you can get it from somewhere else too. You can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy using pure aromatherapy essential oils in the comfort of your own home.

It is not that hard to get your hands on some gorgeous smelling pure aromatherapy essential oils. You can shop online or go to health stores and to many other outlets that may stock pure aromatherapy essential oils. However, before you can even purchase your first bottle of essential oil, you need to understand a bit about the pure aromatherapy essential oils.

Advantages Of Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oils

When you buy your pure aromatherapy essential oils, always check the labels. If the label says that the product is a perfume or even fragrance oil, leave it well alone. This means that the oil probably is not a pure essential oil and therefore is not suited to your intended use. Only buy quality, genuine pure aromatherapy essential oils. The other stuff may contain other chemicals that you don’t want. Quality is important when you buy aromatherapy essential oil as it has a better therapeutic benefit for you.

Another thing to take not of is the storage of your aromatherapy oils. Storage of the oils in dark glass bottles is very important to preserve the therapeutic qualities of the essential oil. Avoid clear or plastic bottles of aromatherapy oils, the clear bottles allow light to reach the oils which damages them. It is also wise only to buy aromatherapy oils that have not been standing on the shop shelf a long time. Pure aromatherapy essential oils are great for home use.

Add a few drops of oil to your bath for an energizing or absolutely relaxing experience. You can also use aromatherapy oils in an air diffuser. This is where a basket containing a pad is used.

A few drops of the oil is placed on the pad and then a small fan is used to disperse the smell and therapeutic properties of the oil. The fan blows through the pad, lifting the scent into the air and allowing them to waft through the air of the room.