Herbal products for menopause for natural relief

Annually, millions of women worldwide suffer from the symptoms of menopause. Such unwanted symptoms includes hot flashes, irregular vaginal bleeding, vaginal itching, dryness, pain, night sweats, weight gain and urinary problems. Mainly because of these ailments, menopausal women are looking for solutions that can alleviate their suffering. However, it is a fact of life that all women would go through this stage. There are alternatives offered by western medicine such as patches or hormone replacement therapy but have adverse effects. In fact, a report in Daily Mail of London revealed that as much as 40% of English women used herbal products for menopause.

There are several kinds of herbal products for menopause in the market today. Normally, such products have ginseng, black cohosh, red clover, St.John’s wort and soy. The truth behind the search for such alternative options is the spreading scare about HRT. Some research even establish the use of HRT to ovarian and breast cancers that made women reconsider their options. However, use of such herbal products for menopause must be closely examined since there are studies reputing the effectiveness of such herbal products for menopause.

Nevertheless, some herbal products for menopause can alleviate unwanted symptoms as suggested by the American College of Obstetricians ( ACOG ). There are two known ingredients considered safe as herbal products for menopause. The first ingredient is Soy and Isoflavones. When Isoflavones are taken in high levels like 50mg of soy protein, it can assist in relieving hot flashes and night sweats. Plus, soy products have calcium which is good for delaying osteoporosis. However, do not take doses which is more than required since too much estrogen can also be bad for a woman.

Another known ingredient in herbal products for menopause is St.John’s wort. Actually, this ingredient is normally used for treating mild to moderate depression. However, its effectiveness is not applicable when depression is severe. Plus there’s a side effect too like photosensitivity so consider other contraindications. It is not also compatible with some medications prescribed by doctors.

Herbal products for menopause can be an option for women who want natural relief. However, it is good to seek a health professional.