Why Mix Your Own Aromatherapy Massage Oils For Aromatherapy Body Massage

One of the most affordable luxuries in the world is getting an aromatherapy body massage. This is a great way for couples to really get to know each other and keep the tenderness and romance alive, too. Although you could buy ready made aromatherapy massage oils, it’s far more fun to mix your own. You don’t have to have a degree in perfumery in order to mix your own aromatherapy massage oils.

Aromatherapy Massage Oils: Supplies Needed

You should have a bowl that you only use for putting in your aromatherapy massage oils. The oils will make the bowl useless for food or drink. It can be fun shopping in thrift stores or charity shops to find a pretty and inexpensive bowl for this purpose. But you may have a bowl ready and waiting in your home, attic or garage.

You also need to get an eyedropper or pipette if your aromatherapy essential oil bottle doesn’t come with one. You can also get a mixing stick, but it’s not necessary.

The Base For Aromatherapy Massage Oil

Another thing you need is the base oil. Although many aromatherapy essential oils are already sold diluted, you will go through a bottle really fast. Considering the price of some oils, this can turn into a very expensive hobby. It is far more cost-effective to buy even a very small bottle of pure aromatherapy essential oils and then buy the base oil yourself.

Base oils should make up nine-tenths of your aromatherapy massage oils. They should be easily absorbed vegetable based oils like apricot kernel, jojoba or olive oil. Cooking oils like canola or peanut oil usually are far too slimy for the skin to absorb. Depending on how much your partner likes this idea, it’s best to go for more easily absorbed base oils.

Aromatherapy Massage Oils: Essential Scent

All you need is really just one essential oil to make aromatherapy massage oils. Over time, it can be fun to blend the scents in order to produce a certain mood. But some oils like frankincense are very expensive. A good and inexpensive aromatherapy massage oil to start out with is lavender. This can help promote relaxation and calm. Many people also claim that the scent of lavender helps ease their headaches.

Before you massage your partner, make sure there’s an old towel to catch any spills or cover up a bare patch of skin before you can work on it. Blow on your hands to make sure they are warm before applying your aromatherapy massage oil.