Keeping It Clean: Pure Organic Essential Oil

Pure organic essential oils are made from plants that have been grown by using methods that are all natural. This means that the farmers grow the crops by using natural pesticides and fertilizers rather than using chemical varieties of these products, such as are used in traditional farming methods. The pure organic essential oils always have labels from different certification organizations that have standards for a product being certified organic. There are many organizations like this, such as state farming organizations as well as the Organic Trade Association which is nation wide. There is also the USDA, which sets organic farming standards, but usually these standards are not as high as the other, privately run organizations.

Types of Pure Organic Essential Oils

These pure organic essential oils are produced all over the world, with some countries being famous for a particular type of essential oil. The countries range from France to Sri Lanka, from Madagascar to Vietnam. In other words, there are a wide variety of countries with pure organic essential oils of different varieties.

Some of these pure organic essential oils are more commonly known, such as peppermint organic essential oils. There is also the cinnamon bark oil from Sri Lanka, the blue chamomile from Canada, and the Lemongrass which is also from Sri Lanka. Ginger is also used in some essential oils, as well as eucalyptus in various products. Some of the less common pure organic essential oils are the cornmint or dill seed. In some countries, the hyssop is common and the hemlock is also common. Vetiver is another pure organic essential oil, and there is also the Bergamot that is found in Italy.

Vegetable oils that are pure organic essential oils are made from a variety of products. There are almond extracts and apricot extracts. There are avocado extracts and coconut extracts that are used. Grape seed and hemp seed are also used in pure organic essential oils, as well as evening primrose or camellia.

These pure organic essential oils are used in a variety of different products. Although the oils are used in their pure form in some cases, they are often used in lotions and makeup as well as other products where the essential oils are valuable for the skin and body. There are also organic butters that are used as the basis for the products such as Shea butter and babassu. There are a couple of kinds of Shea butter, such as crushed or refined as well as nilotica Shea.