The Properties Of Geranium Rose Essential Oil

Geranium rose essential oil has a variety of uses, from antiseptic to astringent that can help skin conditions and affect your moods. Used in the right way this essential oil is extremely useful, best of all it has a very pleasant smell that can be simply used to perfume a room.

If you enjoy the smell of the geranium flower then this is the essential oil for you. Its benefits are not to be confused with rose essential oil benefits. You can use this oil in different ways to gain different benefits.

Geranium Rose Essential Oil: A Very Good Mood Reliever

If you are feeling stressed out and that things have been getting you down then you might need a little geranium rose essential oil. A few drops of this essential oil in a burner or vaporizer can help you to feel much better when going through an emotional time. It is also a helpful essential oil during that time of the month when small things can get blown out of proportion.

Geranium rose essential oil has been seen to be effective in helping the balancing of hormones. For this reason this essential oil is seen to be useful when treating menopause. It can also help anyone who has very heavy periods. To reap these benefits you should use geranium rose essential oil in a bath or massage oil.

Good Skin

If you suffer from acne then geranium rose essential oil might be the answer you are looking for. When blended into a lotion or cream suitable for use on the skin you can help to clear up oily or problem skin. Remember to use the essential oil sparingly as too much can be bad for your skin.

If you suffer from cellulite then this essential oil when blended into cream can be used as an effective massage oil to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. You can also treat minor burns with geranium rose essential oil.

If your children have picked up head lice from school then mixing a little geranium rose essential oil into shampoo can help to repel and eliminate head lice. This may be a more preferable solution to the problem of head lice as compared to the use of chemical laden shampoos.

This is a very versatile essential oil that can be used to treat a variety of maladies. Keep your medicine cabinet stocked with this useful essential oil that can simply be used to lift a room’s atmosphere.