What Is The Best Organic Essential Oil To Treat Depression?

If you are suffering from depression then one option in regard to curing your problem is to make use of organic essential oils. In fact, you will need to do more than pick just any old organic essential oil because only the best organic essential oil will do the job for you. Furthermore, picking the best organic essential oil might even mean that you may have to use synergistic blend of essential oils rather than use just a single essential oil.

Atlas Cedarwood: The Best Organic Essential Oil

Atlas Cedarwood or Cedrus Atlantica is certainly the best organic essential oil for treating depression as it helps in fortifying the mind as well as emotions and in addition it even helps to boost your courage which is especially useful when you start to feel unsettled or are otherwise troubled. It is also well known that this best organic essential oil helps in alleviating and even preventing depression and it is a mood uplifter as well as helps to combat feelings of melancholia.

Clary Sage is another one of the best organic essential oils and one that is very soft, floral, inviting and also very sweet. It can soothe your nerves and help you overcome whatever nervous tension is building up within you. Clary Sage is considered the best organic essential oil for its ability to stimulate and regenerate and even revitalize you which then helps in overcoming your nervousness and weakness as well as fears and even your depressed feelings.

Ylang Ylang is another one of the best organic essential oils and one that too is sweet and soft and which provides a warm as well as intoxicating and wonderful aroma that will arouse your sexual feeling as well. The term Ylang Ylang is Malaysian for ‘flower of the flowers’ and it is also native to Madagascar as well as to Reunion Islands. Ylang Ylang is a best organic essential oil that has fragrances that are used to make the marriage bed more alluring and it is used to bless the newlywed couple and promises them everlasting love and happiness.

Ylang Ylang helps in stimulating a person’s central nervous system and it is also very useful in alleviating depression.

Though most of us would jump at the chance of using natural organic essential oils there is just one small problem to it that can be big enough to force many of us to look elsewhere. In a nutshell, the somewhat higher costs of organic products are not palatable to many people which are why they look elsewhere for cheaper products.